Little updates

I might flesh out proper project pages later, but here’s a roundup of the projects I’ve done in the past half year!

SMALL RED BOOK: Here’s a chapbook I made for CWR 201: Introductory Poetry, entitled “SMALL RED BOOK” and printed on newsprint. I wrote a lot about mothers, daughters, 嫦娥, and burns.

Chapbook Chapbook Chapbook

this place left before you came: Fall semester, I was interested in exploring images, fragmentation, loss and digital/analog processes for my junior independent work. My fall semester work culminated in a book of images, where every image is a dissection, fragment, or deterioration of one original image.

VIS Book

Riversense: This was my final project for ARC 492: Environmental Challenges of Urban Sprawl with Lindy Zeng and Matthew Maldonaldo — our assignment was to design a device that activates public space at the LA River.

Our proposed intervention is an interactive grid screen, tiled at the basin of the river between East 1st and 4th Street and connected to an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum display registers the pressure inputs at the river basin, and is an immersive “screen” that curves across each exhibition wall — the spatial design changes the viewer’s relationship to the artwork, and by extension, the river. The infrastructure of the river can be translated into a dynamic exhibition space, where the spatial design more accurately describes a vision of the river that is moving, free-flowing, and flexible.

View the final project here.


UNTITLED [in progress]: The Lewis Center awarded Helen Lin and me the Berl Senior Thesis Fund_to travel to Tokyo and Seoul, for our Visual Arts senior thesis research. I was interested in exploring machines that convert fantasies into realities and how gender is spatialized in entertainment spaces.


Even though I’m disatisfied with a lot of the work I’m making now (and I’m slow with producing new things), it’s encouraging to see things I made, and to remind myself that I have range! and potential for growth! 🚀🚀 I hope to do these project roundups more frequently and to write real blog posts (with more emojis.)