“7x9” is a performance protest at Princeton University, in which students occupy a 7x9 foot space for 23 hours - representing the 23 hours a day that many incarcerated people are held in 7x9 cages.

In solitary confinement, incarcerated people are isolated into cells that are 6’ x 9’ or 7’ x 10’, allowed only one hour outside the cell each day to go outside. Solitary confinement is ineffective, costly, and incredibly inhumane. You can read more about the problems with solitary confinement at the Students for Prison Education and Reform website.

I designed printed matter for “7x9”. My initial sketches were centered around the concepts of isolation and confinement.


The final posters utilized a 7x9 rectangle as their focal point.


The performance does not represent the experience of people who have been confined in solitary cells. “7x9” is only an abstraction and an entry point for people to catalyze learning about solitary confinement.